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Checked in Polish version:

  • there is an unused function for displaying FPS, this could be re-enabled with some magic
    • call this function in rendering function
    • it takes FPS value from one uint32_t which is always 0, so we would need to update it too
      • there is unused value that counts all frames
  • there is function setting version string in memory, that string is never used anywhere, but can be read in Cheat Engine
    • my Polish version says Version: Jun 7 2001 - 14:42:11
  • V-sync is always on, surfaces are created in DirectDraw both for D3D and Glide, framerate is set to 0 forcing v-sync
    • Game can run on any framerate just fine
    • disable framerate correction assumes the monitor refresh rate is 60Hz, time delta is locked(?), so on 120Hz display everything will be 2 times faster
  • UV fix is only used in D3D, I don't know what it does
  • wads/fonts.wad: graphics24/fonts/index.txt - uses ISO-8859-1 encoding (tested in Polish version, YMMV)
    • Although it seems that only graphics24/fontsP is used and not graphics24/fonts, fontsP stores text in UTF-16
  • It was compiled with Visual C++ 6.0, so it was made probably in Visual Studio 6.0
  • There are exported functions with names that would imply usage of IBM Rational Purify debugger, however they don't do much except for incrementing one variable after being called.
  • game.cfg stores path to game assets in GAMELOCATION key. By default it's set to installation path, e.g. C:\Team17\SGP, but it can also be set to dot (.) to allow for portable version of the game. The path still might require no spaces in it to run