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StuntKit is a project aimed at developing an unified interface that enables writing arbitrary extensions for Stunt GP and loading them by hooking into the game's process. It was inspired by similar idea centered around another Team17's game, WormKit for Worms Armageddon.

  • StuntKit loader allows to load and use sk modules
  • StuntKit modules provides fixes and changes to the game
    • skScreen
      skScreen on 16:9 screen, with 2560x1440 resolution
      • fixes screen ratio for non 4:3 resolutions (replaces widescreen fix)
      • Removes 2048px resolution limit
      • Removes quality limit for Radeon cards in DirectX mode


  • Download and unpack files in the same folder as StuntGP.exe
  • Install all wanted modules (e.g. see skScreen installation instructions)
  • Run StuntKit_D3D.exe or StuntKit_Glide.exe, depending on wanted graphics API. These programs will load all sk*.dll modules and start the game.