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Windows 10 have some problems running this game, some ideas how to fix that below (still won't fix problem for everyone):


  • Please try to run installer without administrator privileges
  • The game won't run without administrator privileges if it was installed to Program Files
    • Game installer by default suggests using C:\Team17\SGP and it's working reliably

First run

First configuration

  • Run configure.exe, try to run the game before you edit game.cfg manually
    • If after running configure.exe there should be game.cfg file in the game directory. If it's missing you may not have write access to the game directory.
      • It might be blocked by your antivirus
      • You can try running config.exe and the game itself with administrator privileges (not recommended but I don't have better idea)

Manual edit

  • Game might not start if there are spaced in the path
    • if your folder name has spaces in it you could try editing game.cfg GAMELOCATION = <your path> to GAMELOCATION = .
  • Edit game resolution
    • If you wan't to set non 4:3 resolution please use skScreen StuntKit module to fix screen ratio
    • Game won't start if you set resolution to 2048x2048px and over
  • Skip Team17 and Eon logo at the start
    • Set DISPLAY_BOOT_GFX to 0

Configuring Glide version

Glide version may run better on some PCs, but it requires sligthly more configuration:

  • Install dgVoodo nGlide and enter nGlide configure
    • set Video backend to DirectX if you wish to use it with DXWnd for playing in window
    • Run configure.exe and change Rendering from DirectX to Glide
      • You'll have to manually edit game.cfg afterwards to your liking

Playing in Window

  • In DXWnd add new game, set Path to the game directory and Launch to the game exe path (either StuntGP_D3D.exe or StuntGP_Glide.exe)

Potential fixes

  • If the game loads but you can't exit to main menu or some weird things happen check if you have folders save\card00 to save\card07 present inside Stunt GP folder. If not you need to create them