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  • fixes screen ratio for non 4:3 resolutions (replaces widescreen fix)
  • Removes 2048px resolution limit
  • Removes quality limit for Radeon cards in DirectX mode


  • Install StuntKit loader if you haven't already
  • Download skScreen.dll and place it in the same folder as StuntGP.exe
  • If you want to play the game in resolution greater than 2048px (e.g. 2560x1440), download LegacyD3DResolutionHack, and unpack it in the same folder as StuntGP.exe
  • Edit game.cfg (if it doesn't exist, run config.exe) with a text editor, edit lines DISPLAYRESWIDTH and DISPLAYRESHEIGHT with requested resolution.
  • Run StuntKit_D3D.exe or StuntKit_Glide.exe, depending on wanted graphics API. These programs will load all sk*.dll modules and start the game.