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All music in-game is in 22kHz, but the engine supports 44kHz wav files, making it possible to buy songs in better quality and replace them in sound\Music folder

You can find "Accelerator" album here

You can find "Talisman" album here

You can find "Risen from the Ashes" album here

File name Song name in-game Original song name Album
Track2.wav Japan / Bank Job
Track3.wav Roughdust Flats Bjørn Lynne – Palm Freak Accelerator
Track4.wav Wide Wall Chase Bjørn Lynne – The Hustler Accelerator
Track5.wav Skytop Speed Circuit Bjørn Lynne – Alley Kat Accelerator
Track6.wav Snakestorm Bjørn Lynne – Turbo Grid Accelerator
Track7.wav England / The Loopback Marc Pattison – Space Jam ? Risen from the Ashes
Track8.wav Flying Finish Bjørn Lynne – Space Precinct Talisman
Track9.wav France / The Chronozone
Track10.wav Enter Your Name Bjørn Lynne – Road Hog Accelerator
Track11.wav Select Track
Track12.wav Main Menu Bjørn Lynne – Monkey See Monkey Do Accelerator
Track13.wav Arcade Results
Track14.wav Records
Track15.wav Select Vehicle
Track20.wav Game Over
Track21.wav 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
Track22.wav 4th, 5th, 6th Place
Track23.wav Race Results